Hot Air Balloon Landing

Riding the wind SOLO in my hot air balloon

Welcome on board my Home Built Solo Hot air balloon, Lots going on in the air on this short flight, including an opportunity to talk to the camera and let you all know how steering a balloon works, It’s only after flight and I went back to look at the video that I realised just how crazy that view over the side looks, if you have vertigo you might not feel too comfy looking over the edge as I try to explain what is happening in the air as I drift along.

This is my first piece to camera and my focus is defiantly on flying and navigating the balloon on what is only our 9th flight since we finished the build, I hope as time goes by and my confidence and skill grows I will be able to explain more of what is happening as I drift along.

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Music C/O YouTube music Library – ICE MOCCA By Drew Banga

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