Hot Air Balloon Takeoff

Watch 100 Hot Air Balloons take off

Will This be the biggest hot air balloon launch of 2021 ? with Just over 100 balloons lifting off within a short space of time, there were no hot air balloon festivals this big in all of 2020, this time-lapse captures the movement of the fleet of balloons as they drift away from Midlands Air Festival held at Ragley Hall in the UK.

2020 has disrupted many sporting events across the world, and this disruption continues to cast a shadow of uncertainty across many historical ballooning events, many scaled down, cancelled or delayed. To see a launch on this scale was indeed a privilege and something to look forward to in the future, I was lucky enough to take my cameras to Albuquerque balloon festival in 2018 and create this stunning time lapse, Lets hope this 600 balloon event is able to take place again in 2021 – if your organising an event for 2021 aim high and best of luck, from us here @The Big Balloon Festival look forward to seeing you all in the air

Music : stellar wind by unicorn heads

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